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It first started when I walked into our home and saw an 8-week old, cute as can be German Shepherd sitting on our couch. Someone couldn't keep him 7 abandoned him. We welcome him with open arms and he instantly became a part of our family. After bringing him to the vet and getting checked out, he was in perfect health, and is one strong, pure-bred German Shepherd.


As the holiday came and the weeks went, Zeus got bigger and stronger. We became one big amazing family. But life threw some curveballs.  Zeus was by our side through some ups and downs, health problems and my multiple hip surgeries. He kept us on our toes and always made us smile. Zeus is a true blessing and we can’t picture our family without him. He brings so much joy to our lives and makes us happier and stronger each and every day.


Fast forward to Zeus’ 1st birthday! As you know, we treat him like our son, so what’s better than having our family and friends over to celebrate our boy’s big day!


Wow. It was a huge success, and of course, so much fun, that it made us want to share our experience. So, with a lot of thought and hard work we came up with the ultimate Party Pup Box that you can have in your home so that you can celebrate your pup’s birthday just like us. 


We hope you enjoy your Party Pup Box! And to thank you for your purchase, we wanted to give back and give thanks, so for each Party Pup Box purchase, $5 will be donated to the Animal Care Center of NYC.  


From our family to yours,


Thank you for letting us make your Pup’s Party Pawfection.  Enjoy!!! 




GinaMarie, & Zeus

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