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  • 1. How big is the Party Pup Box?
    Party Pup Birthday boxes comes in a White box with the Party Pup Logo. It is 12" X 7". Other Party Pup Boxes are 6"x6" . Mini party pup box comes in a 6x6 box.
  • 2. What size is the Party Pup Birthday Cake?
    The Party Pup Cake is All Natural. It is 6 inches and mini party pup cake is 4 inches
  • 3. How many furry friends does the Party Pup Birthday Cake feed?
    The Party Pup Birthday Cake is made as a treat, so please do not feed your pup the entire cake in one sitting!
  • 4. Can I order the Party Pup Birthday Cake in a different size?
    The Party Pup Birthday Cake comes in 6 inch & mini party pup cakes come in 4 inch
  • 5. What ingredients are included in the Party Pup Birthday Cake?
    The Party Pup Birthday Cake is made with all-natural ingredients. They include: whole-wheat flour, all-natural peanut butter, oil, honey, baking soda, pure vanilla extract, eggs, plain Greek yogurt (frosting), cornstarch and food coloring that is safe for any pup.
  • 6. What if my pup is allergic to the ingredients included in the Party Pup Birthday Cake?
    If your pup is allergic to any of the ingredients included in the Party Pup Birthday Cake, then let us know. We will substitute these with other natural and delicious ingredients to ensure your pup’s cake is safe to enjoy. We will also make sure that any substitute ingredients are also safe for your pup.
  • 7. Do you ship internationally?
  • 8. Where is Party Pup located and where is the Party Pup Box shipped from?
    New York.
  • 9. What if I want to choose a color that is not available as an option?
    Message us. We will try to accommodate your choice of color. Please check out Ultimate Party Animal Box. It includes more color options. *Please note, Ultimate Party Animal Box must be purchased to have access to the color of your choice.
  • 10. What if my order is damaged?
    Please notify us immediately with photos of the damaged items so that we can replace them asap.
  • 11. What type of payment do you accept?
    We only accept Paypal, Credit Cards/Debit
  • 12. Are there any refunds
    Unfortunately, Party Pup cannot offer refunds. But, we do replace any items that are damaged when received.
  • 13. How long does it take for a Party Pup Box to ship
    Every Party Pup box & Treats are made closest to date chosen for the ultimate freshness and shipped in time for you special day.
  • 14. How long does the cake last?
    Party pup cake last up to 3-4 weeks, but can be refrigerted for longer self life. After your pup's birthday celebration, best is to cut into smaller pieces and served as a snack for weeks to come.
  • 15. Can I pick up my order?
    Yes, If you are local and would like to pick up, Please email or DM a request a pick up day/time.
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