The Big Leagues Birthday Box 6” Cake, Hat, Candle, Sign, Tablecloth, Plates...
  • The Big Leagues Birthday Box 6” Cake, Hat, Candle, Sign, Tablecloth, Plates...

    Well look at you hitting the Big Leagues! Make sure you invite some extra guests and their furry friends! The Big League Party Pup Box is great for the entire family. Not only do you get the all-natural Party Pup Birthday Cake, the specially hand-crafted birthday hat, and the party pup birthday banner…


    It also includes special paw prints on paper cups and plates, and napkins and tablecloths to fit any table inside and out. Why not show off? It’s great package for you and your furry friend! Have fun with the entire family! It’s a pup’s celebration they’ll never forget.



    • 6 Party Pup Dessert Plates (7")

    • 6 Party pup Paper Cups (9oz)

    • 12 Party pup Napkins (5" x 5)

    • 1 Party pup Tablecloth (6 optionals to choose from)

    • 1 Delicious all natural Party Pup birthday cake (6 inch)

    • 1 special birthday party pup hat for the birthday pup

    • 1 Customizable Happy Birthday Banner

    • 1 Birthday CandleHat will be sliver with color of age # or paw print.


    Ingredients: Whole wheat flour,Peanut butter, honey, egg, baking soda, oil, yogurt chips , food coloring, K9 frosting, Tapioca starch We also make gluten free cakes and treats. Just ask.


    *Any allergies please let us know we can always substitute ingredients.

    • Need More?

      Need something extra??? Add more goodies to your Party Pup Package. Choose from balloons, treats, utensils, streamers, extra party hats for your furry guests, and more…  


      Check Out The "Shop" link for more!

    • Cake/Sign

      We Can fit up to 40 Characters for the name on the cake and 15 characters  on the sign . Same name will be on cake & sigh.

      Sign will say  "Happy Birthday" with pups name.

    • Order/Delivery

      Please allow 1-3 business days for prepping/making orders. Once order is complete, you will be sent an email with tracking. After shipped please allow 5-7 business days to receive your order*. Every Party Pup Treat, Goodies, Cakes, Party Pup Boxes ect are made to Order for ultimate freshness. 


      *Please Note:

      International orders may take longer then 5-7 business.

    • Party Pup Cake & Treats instructions:

      *No need to refrigerate!
      But, can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer for longer life.

      Feeding ingredients:

      Party Pup Cake/Goodies should be giving as a treat or reward. Just Like any New food or treat they should be given in small amounts until Pup is ok with eating more at a time.